32 Londoners - A series of 32 talks on famous Londoners on the Coca-Cola London Eye, in association with Antique Beat and A Curious Invitation on 11th June 2015
Natasha McEnroe on Florence Nightingale - Nurse
Florence Nightingale, born. 1820, FlorenceClick here for tickets Book Now £40 each - 11th June 2015

Florence Nightingale was one of the most famous and influential of Victorian Londoners, but she hid away from the public gaze. The curious might catch a glimpse of her as she rode in Hyde Park in her carriage, but for the most part, she kept strictly to her rooms in South Street, off Park Lane. The people in power – leading politicians, mathematicians, authors and engineers – were forced to visit to her in order to obtain her advice. Her experience of the horrors of Scutari Barracks, the British base hospital in the Crimean War, made her in demand to work on the health reforms that
19th century London so desperately needed, including the design of St Thomas’ Hospital on the banks of the river Thames.

Natasha McEnroe is the Director of the Florence Nightingale Museum. She previously worked for the National Trust, the Victoria and Albert Museum and was curator of Dr Johnson’s House on Fleet Street. Her research interests focus on 18th and 19th-century medical humanities.

8:30 pm - Guests to arrive in the the 32 Londoners' departure lounge in County Hall's Riverside Rooms. Music and entertainment will be provided. Please use this time to find your group. Hosts will be holding signs of the Londoner who is the subject of each of talk.
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