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"Immaculate footballer -- Imperial defender -- Immortal hero of 1966... National treasure -- Master of Wembley -- Lord of the game -- Captain extraordinary -- Gentleman for all time" So reads the inscription beneath Bobby Moore's statue at Wembley stadium. We all know that Bobby Moore was an extraordinary captain and defender who won the world cup for England in 1966, but alongside his legendary feats on the pitch he also knew scandal, death threats, bankruptcy and the sack. He divorced after a long affair, was rumoured to have friends in the East End underworld, and he loved a drink. The tragedy of his life was to be ignored by football in his latter years and to drift into obscurity. After he applied to be England manager, the FA didn't even bother to send a rejection letter. There was no job in the game and, famously, no knighthood.

Grant Fleming is a much-travelled Stepney-born photographer and film-maker. A host of famous footballers including David Beckham, Ronaldo and Maradona have come under his lens, but Bobby Moore remains his role model following an early meeting with the football legend at a charity game in Mile End.

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